Boaz David

Fashion Business Startup Kit

You’ve probably got a thousand questions in your mind... Is my idea feasible? How much money will I need? Can I make a living with this or it it just a dream? This Kit will guide you to finding the answers you need.

Boaz David

Finance Bootcamp for Fashion Start-ups

Without correct financial planning, your brand is a hobby NOT a business. This class will help you build a strong financial plan for your fashion business.

Boaz David

How to Cost & Price Your Fashion Product

Want to learn how to cost your fashion product to make sure you are making a profit?

Boaz David

How to Work with A Sewing Contractor

Are you new to the apparel production process? Looking to learn how to work with a sewing contractor? This FREE workshop will walk you through EVERYTHING you need.

Boaz David

9 Steps to First Sample

LOOKING TO MAKE YOUR FIRST SAMPLES BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? Want to make your development process easier, cheaper and faster? Follow my 9 steps to get it right!