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Boaz David

Fashion Business Startup Kit- New Version

Are you an aspiring fashion designer or a creative entrepreneur with an idea for a fashion brand, and you wonder if your idea is worth pursuing? This course was created to help you get the answer to that question in 60 minutes or less.

Boaz David

9 Steps to First Sample

LOOKING TO MAKE YOUR FIRST SAMPLES BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? Want to make your development process easier, cheaper and faster? Follow my 9 steps to get it right!

Boaz David

Finance Bootcamp for Fashion Start-ups

Without correct financial planning, your brand is a hobby NOT a business. This class will help you build a strong financial plan for your fashion business.

Boaz David

How to Cost & Price Your Fashion Product

Want to learn how to cost your fashion product to make sure you are making a profit?

Boaz David

How to Work with A Sewing Contractor

Are you new to the apparel production process? Looking to learn how to work with a sewing contractor? This FREE workshop will walk you through EVERYTHING you need.